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More reliable, More secure, More convenient.

Natural disasters and other unforeseen circumstances
can disrupt your business’s IT infrastructure,
putting valuable opportunities in jeopardy.
Strategically located in Sapporo, a region known for its low risk of natural disasters,
S.T.E.P SAPPORO DATA CENTER offers clients peace of mind by safeguarding
their IT assets from risks and threats to ensure business continuity.
At S.T.E.P SAPPORO DATA CENTER, we provide comprehensive solutions for your data storage needs.
Our convenient location and state-of-the-art facilities are just the beginning.
Our team has spent years building the expertise and technology
needed to provide the stability that our clients require.



Combining the strengths of
urban and rural data centers

Urban data centers offer easy access, with a range of convenient transportation options.
On the other hand, rural data centers benefit from lower land costs and may be better suited for robust security measures.
Additionally, the risk of power supply shortages seen in metropolitan areas is eliminated, and the likelihood of damage to multiple systems at once from a large-scale disaster is reduced.
S.T.E.P SAPPORO DATA CENTER seamlessly combines the strengths of both urban and rural data centers.

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Minimizing risk
when disaster strikes

S.T.E.P SAPPORO DATA CENTER is strategically located to minimize the risk of damage from earthquakes (including liquefaction), flooding and other disasters. Situated well away from active faults, volcanoes and coastal areas, its location ensures the safety of its infrastructure.
Furthermore, the data center is equipped with various facilities to maintain the stability of its services in any contingency.

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Integrated with a range of
networks and cloud services

At S.T.E.P SAPPORO DATA CENTER, we offer more than just housing services.
As a telecommunications carrier, we have the expertise and resources to provide an environment where clients can integrate their IT systems with a range of network services and cloud services, both our own and those of other companies.

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Earth-friendly data center
powered by clean energy

Our data center is committed to achieving a decarbonized society by sourcing electricity from substantially 100% renewable sources. Therefore, the amount of CO2 emission from electricity use is practically reduced to zero.

Operated with 100%
renewable electricity

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Sapporo: An Ideal Data Center Location

Prime location
with easy access

Our data center is located near the Sapporo city center.
There is excellent access to the major cities of Japan, enabling business to proceed smoothly on business trips, etc. The ease of recruiting locally is another advantage of an urban area.

Prime location
with easy access

A straight line from Tokyo to Sapporo would run about 800km, making Sapporo an ideal location for a backup site to spread out risk.
The location of the data center was carefully chosen to minimize the impact of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis. Typhoons are also rare in Hokkaido.
We have implemented a range of measures to ensure the safety of our clients’ data. Our facilities are constructed with base isolation technology to protect against large-scale earthquakes. This system can absorb the impact of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. An uninterruptible power supply provides continuous power during a power failure, and is supported by an emergency power generator that can run for 72 hours without refueling. Our fire suppression system is designed to extinguish fires without emitting vibrations that could harm the IT equipment.

Diverse Network Environments

A backbone line between Tokyo and Sapporo
that is not compromised by physical distance

Our Tokyo-Sapporo backbone line is connected via a 20Gbps duplex business-grade network.
We have also established access points in Tokyo.
Our high-speed communication environment ensures that transmission is not compromised by physical distance.

S.T.E.P xFunction | TOKYO Connect

This service provides a 1Gbps (best-effort) connection between your own line and our S.T.E.P xFunction at our designated access point in Tokyo.
This facilitates interconnections between your location in the Tokyo metropolitan area and services such as those provided at our S.T.E.P SAPPORO DATA CENTER. You may consider using this service for remote backup, decentralization of data to reduce disaster-related risks, etc.

*Customers are required to provide their own line between their base location and our access point.

Connections to LGWAN/SINET*

Connections to LGWAN and SINET facilitate the creation of an IT environment that suits the needs of customers, including local governments as well as universities and other educational/research institutions that make use of our data center.

*LGWAN is an abbreviation for Local Government Wide Area Network, a dedicated administrative network that offers LAN interconnections within a local government. SINET is an abbreviation for the Science Information Network, an information communication network built and operated by the National Institute of Informatics (NII) as part of the academic information infrastructure for universities and research institutions across Japan.

Establishment of redundant
communication environments
and carrier diversity

Highly reliable and redundant communication environments and carrier diversity are made possible by wiring our communication lines across multiple carriers and along multiple routes.

Flexible integration
with cloud services, etc.

A hybrid environment can be created through the integration of various services, including the cloud services of our company and other companies.

OtherOther Network Services

Our Internet connection service, HOTCN

HOTCN is an Internet connection service that provides high-speed broadband Internet access using HOTnet’s high-quality fiber optic cable network as the backbone network.
HOTCN uses Ethernet as its access line and offers shared-bandwidth plans as well as plans for sharing between multiple customers according to individual needs and budgets.

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Our Ethernet communication network service, L2L

L2L is a network service that utilizes HOTnet’s proprietary Ethernet communi cation network.
It is affordable, easy to manage, and supports a wide variety of protocols as it uses an Ethernet interface.
Moreover, it offers superior security by serving as a completely closed network for each customer.
This allows for seamless and high-speed connections between LANs in different cities and bases, thus improving the efficiency of high-capacity communications.

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Backbone connections

HOTnet allows for interconnections with the following service provider networks and IXs (Internet exchanges).
The total communication bandwidth for each interconnection target is 20Gbps, the highest among ISPs in Hokkaido, which creates a smooth Internet communication environment for many customers.

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Housing Service

Reliable housing environment
prepared for disaster risks

Resilience to earthquakes and other disasters is an essential criteria in choosing a data center. Preparations in case of a power outage are also vital. S.T.E.P SAPPORO DATA CENTER has established a system well-prepared to handle any threat.

PointFuture of 6points

  1. With a total floor space of about 1,500m², the housing space accommodates about 500 42U server racks.
  2. Sturdy base isolation structure can withstand seismic intensity 7 earthquakes.
  3. Up to 20kVA power supply for each rack. Power is received via 2 special high voltage inputs with a main and backup line from different transformers.
  4. We are equipped with an emergency generator capable of 72 hours of continuous operation without refueling, and an uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
  5. A 20Gbps enterprise backbone network (redundant configuration) between Tokyo and Sapporo is provided.
  6. Our administrative services reduce the workload of customers, and help implement an efficient operational framework.

SecurityTier 4*-Compliant Security Standards

In addition to a 24/365 human monitoring system, there are 7 layers of security,
including IC card verification and biometrics.

*This is the highest tier indicating the service level of data centers as defined in the Data Center Facility Standard established by the Japan Data Center Council (JDCC).

MenuHousing Service Menu

(All prices below include tax.)

Item Full Rack Half Rack Quarter Rack
Provided Racks Initial fee ¥198,000 ¥99,000 ¥66,000
Monthly fee ¥198,000 ¥132,000 ¥77,000
External Dimensions W:700(mm)
Number of Units Mountable 42U 19U 8U
Lock Biometrically controlled
Front Door/Rear Door Single doors/mesh doors(Opens to angle of 160°)
Equipment Weight Capacity
(Consult us if the weight limit is exceeded)
Up to 500kg
(Consult us for weights that exceed this)
Up to 200kg Up to 100kg
Standard Power Supply*2 2kVA
(Maximum power supply capacity:20kVA*1)
(Maximum power supply capacity:6kVA)
(Maximum power supply capacity:2kVA)
power supply
Initial fee 4kVA (200V 20A) ¥110,000
2kVA (100V 20A)
1kVA (100V 10A) ¥110,000
Monthly fee 4kVA (200V 20A) ¥88,000
2kVA (100V 20A) ¥44,000
1kVA (100V 10A) ¥22,000
  • Power supply capacity exceeding 10kVA can be accommodated with advance consultation.
  • Two power outlets are included in the rack as a standard feature. The available power supply capacity is 80% or less of the rated capacity.
  • If you add a power supply with your initial application, you will receive a 50% discount on the initial fee of that power supply.
  • If you wish to add a 1kVA power supply on a contract for a full rack or half rack, please contact our sales representative.

OptionOption Menu

(All prices below include tax.)

Menu Specifications, etc.
Regular Inspection
(by rack)
Daily Inspection
Inspection is performed once per day.
Customers must provide an operations manual in advance.
Weekly Inspection
Inspection is performed once per week.
Customers must provide an operations manual in advance.
Monthly Inspection
Inspection is performed once monthly.
Customers must provide an operations manual in advance.
Remote Hands (by rack)
Switch power on or off, check LED lamps, connect or disconnect cables, or photograph the inside of the rack, etc.
Customers must provide an operations manual in advance.
Remote Monitoring
Ping monitoring for devices, and notifications when abnormal statuses detected.
Equipment to be monitored must be specified in advance.
Making a contract for this option enables contracts for various add-ons. (Add-ons are not available alone.)
Add the SNMP Trap Monitoring feature to the Remote Monitoring Options.
TCP Port
Add the TCP Port Monitoring feature to the Remote Monitoring Options.
Add the Resource Monitoring feature to the Remote Monitoring Options.
Add the Syslog Monitoring feature to the Remote Monitoring Options.
Event Log Add-on
Add the Windows Event Log Monitoring feature to the Remote Monitoring Options.
NTP Add-on
Add the Windows Event Log Monitoring feature to the Remote Monitoring Options.
Cross Connect
You may choose UTP or optical cable.
Connections between racks will be handled by our company.
Rental Lockers
These can be used for storing manuals or storage media, etc.
Line Installation on-site witness
We monitor installation by third-party carriers on your behalf.
The customer must provide information on the line installation in advance.
SINET 10G Connection
A 10 Gbps (best effort) connection with SINET is provided.
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Case Studies


Remote backups and
disaster recovery to
ensure business continuity

Business continuity planning (BCP) is crucial for modern companies to maintain their operations in the face of unforeseen events. Here is one example of how we can help with that. Seeking to enhance their business continuity, a domestic manufacturer approached us to discuss the creation of a backup site far away from their primary business base.
Our proposal was not just a solution for backing up data at a remote site, but a full disaster recovery system that combined products from S.T.E.P SAPPORO DATA CENTER and our partners to provide maximum efficiency and ease of use.
Designed to ensure stability of the backup environment, the system handles replication (duplication/synchronization) with efficient transfer of only newly modified data, and allows backup and recovery of not just volumes but individual files. Our platform offers a range of recovery modes and the ability to conduct rehearsals for emergency situations. Leveraging these features, the client was able to decrease their RTO (time objective for recovering their systems).

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At S.T.E.P SAPPORO DATA CENTER, we strive to create an inviting space for all of our guests.
Whether you are here for work or other activities, we want you to feel comfortable and able to stay for as long as you need.


Visitors to the data center are greeted at this reception desk. This is where the biometric registration procedure is performed at a self-service terminal, and it is also the information desk for all inquiries.

Work Spaces

Four spaces equipped with 100-200V outlets and ether ports connecting to the housing rack are provided for working on rack-mounted equipment.


This a relaxation space for refreshing during breaks from work. In addition to Mid-century Modern interior design and furnishings, wide-screen displays and massage chairs are available.

Monitoring Room

Our staff are always on duty monitoring the entire interior of the data center. To enable customers to use the facilities with peace of mind, we control the temperature of the housing room, and monitor all kinds of information, such as the power supply status.